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Sporting excellence can only be achieved when feelings, thoughts and actions come together without friction. This means that an athlete has to become one with the task or a team has to work together as a single unit. From a psychological point of view, this is key to confidently playing to your strengths and achieving optimal performance.

My work with individual athletes focuses on developing the capacity and create optimum conditions for achieving the state often referred to as ‘flow’ in a self-determined manner and maintaining this even under the most extreme competitive pressure.

My work with teams focuses on increasing collective effectiveness. The foundation for this is the development and consolidation of a high-performance team culture centred around success.

When I work with coaches, I support the establishment and consolidation of an authentic and confident leadership style and offer professional observation of the interactions and dynamics between coach and athlete or the team.




  • Building emotional stability and mental competitive strength
  • Sports psychological counselling and support in training and competition
  • Crisis management
  • Resolving performance blocks



"Fly as high as you think. "

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Gernot Emberger
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